Given Love
  • Given Love
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  1. You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet
  2. Friends In High Places
  3. He Knows The Way Home
  4. Let The Hallelujahs Ring
  5. One Prayer Away
  6. Sin Is No Match For Grace
  7. Lead Me Back
  8. Still Smilin'
  9. Trust Me
  10. When I Am Broken
  11. Given Love
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He Knew Me
  • He Knew Me
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  1. He Knew Me
  2. His Love For You
  3. God's Plan
  4. You Get What You Pray For
  5. Grandmother's Arms
  6. We're Not There Yet
  7. Faded Pressed Rose
  8. Will You Find Me Worthy
  9. Don't Weep For Me
  10. Angel In The Storm
  11. Somebody's Souls Gettin' Saved
  12. Cold In The Ground
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Heaven's Got A Well
  • Heaven's Got A Well
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  1. Heaven's Got A Well
  2. He Rescued Me
  3. I'll Leave It Behind
  4. Life Mender
  5. King of the Last Frontier
  6. Angel Band
  7. Old Time Religion
    8 Brand New Life
  8. Thanks For Loving Me
  9. Coat Of Many Colors
  10. Keep On The Sunnyside
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